ElIoT LoRa – monitoring power consumption online

ElIoT LoRa is an end device that, when connected to an electricity meter and then enrolls in an application, collects electricity consumption data in your home. Device operates in LoRaWAN network.


1,650  exc. VAT
+ 300 Kč registration

1,650  exc. VAT
+ 300 Kč registration


How does it work

  1. Place the device on the electricity meter
  2. Write the device number to the application
  3. In the application, you select a tariff and a electricity distributor.
  4. You instantly see consumption and you collect data
  5. Based on the results, you optimize your consumption
  6. Device operates in LoRaWAN network

Main advantages

  • 100% detection of low and high tariff
  • Up to 30% savings in electricity costs due to optimization
  • Instant alerts for increased consumption and fluctuations
  • Cost tracking in CZK with a forecast of annual billing
  • The device is not dependent on an Internet connection

ElIoT is especially suitable for: